Best App for Older Children KAPi (Kids At Play Interactive) Award 2017

App Trailer

Space by Tinybop is a visually multilayered interactive app that helps kids learn about our solar system through open-ended play. Kids can explore each planet, our moon, and the sun, comparing them by size, weight, and many other unique features, such as windstorms, volcanoes, and rocky rings. 

For this project, I was one of the key developers involved in prototyping, developing and optimizing the app. Main responsible areas are simulation of meteors oribits/explosions and craters, simulation of seasons and resulting impacts on the planets, simulation of rocky rings and dynamic interactive comparisons between planets.

Sample Features Developed


Using dot product to determine what rocks are in the light area.


Interactions for the Earth including moon orbit, seasons, equator, interior/exterior etc.

Space comparison view.png

Dynamic interactive comparisions of size and weight of different planets.