Skyscraper is the 7th app in Tinybop's Explorer's Library series. Kids can learn to build a skyline of buildings and learn the engineering of the buildings by playing with interactive models. The interactive models demonstrate different systems of a skyscraper including structure, plumbing, elevators and electricity.

Sample Features Developed


Worked on prototyping and developing building generation features. User can insert a new floor at any height of the building. Developed a system to generate rooms such that their plumbing and electricity layers can interconnect throughout the entire building while room layouts are randomly generated.


Implemented the plumbing system to simulate how water is supplied in a real skyscraper. Water is pumped upwards to the top of the building and then distributed downwards into each floor and rooms through pumps on every 10 floors. Worked on features to break pipes and create fire events.


Simulated impacts of wind and earthquake on a skyscraper with the use of custom GLSL shaders. Worked on graphic simulation of lightning hitting and traveling down the building.

Prototype of plumbing system

Prototype of plumbing system

Early prototype of wind effect

Early prototype of wind effect

App trailer