This project took place before facing tracking technology became ubiquitous. We wrote code to extract data for viewer's face and saving that data in a showroom display. Project collaboration with Gabriella Levine using the ofx FaceTracker library.

Programmed in C++ and OpenFrameworks.

Hive 240

Hive 240 is a light installation that translates the noise pollution surrounding 240 Central Park South to a pleasant light sculpture. I worked on creating the electronics circuits embedded in each hive that listen to network data and respond with blink pattern. Collaboration with Chris Egervary, Alex Olivier and Michael Uzzi.

Electronics programmed in C and Arduino.


The goal of the project is to translate dance movements into a script that is a symbolic notation system for the dance. A series of characters/symbols are generated that have a calligraphy style to them.The project is based on the motion capture data and examples from the Perfume global project.

Programmed in C++ and OpenFrameworks.


Glyphcoder is a software tool that helps to design and encode a glyph for a word. It is created with the goal to encourage self expression and creation of your own language.

Programmed in Java in Processing.