Creature Garden

Bologna Children's Book Fair Shortlist 2018

Principal developer for this creativity app that lets you create wonderful fantastical creatures and then play with them in the garden world. I worked on developing majority of the features including creature building, creature AI, creature training, creature racing, showroom and world game play. I also worked on optimizing the app for lower end devices. Close collaboration with technical art and product manager on achieving the desired visual and interactive experience for this app.

Created in Unity engine.

Sample Features Developed


Creature Building

Worked on free-style construction of a creature. The key is to allow an infinite amount of combinations using a variety of parts such as bodies, limbs, heads, mouths, wings etc. Worked on adapting the connection system  from a previous app to allow the flexibility needed for this feature.


Creature Training

Developed the training mechanics for built creatures. Put your creature on a treadmill or an endless pool and watch their training scores which are based on their parts statistics. I loved adding humor to the fail states of these creatures when they cannot complete a training task.


Garden World

Developed the AI system for all the interactions in the garden world. Here you can put creatures in the air or water and they will fly or swim. In this world you can feed, breed, play with your creatures. Watch them play footballs or give them a shower.

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