Hi! I'm Yin. 👋

I'm a game developer currently creating open-play games and apps at Tinybop Inc, a creative studio making sophisticated educational apps for kids.

What draws me to the games medium is its potential to provoke in us deep emotions and infinite creativity. It always gives me great satisfaction to watch people play and interact with my creations; No matter what the experience was, for a few brief moments, the players and I were sharing the same rules and laws in an artificial reality, the one created in the game world.

I feel incredibly grateful to work in such a uniquely interactive and immersive medium. My passion is to encourage playfulness and expression of creativity through games. Games provide a safe environment construct and is therefore perfect for play and experimentation.

I've worked with the Unity engine since 2013. At first I was attracted to how easy it is to create rapid prototypes in Unity. Now having worked on a number of projects with it, I've become most excited about creating good architecture and design in software practice in general and in particular in the context of the Unity engine. Games rely heavily on iterations and a solid and flexible architecture is like the foundation of a skyscraper: it makes sure that as the project gets more and more complex it is still in good order and a pleasure to work with.

Prior to making games, I studied generative design and physical computing at the Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) at Tisch School of Arts. At ITP I became a maker, tinkerer, collaborator and technologist with a portfolio of interactive and creative installations and projects. It was my experience at ITP that prompted me to became fascinated with how we interact with our physical and digital world.

I also like to sketch.